Center of the Sky awareness sessions will take you on a journey from pre-contact to present day. The session will address common questions as well as misconceptions held by many Canadians.

Have you ever wondered…..

What should I call “native” people, is that even the right word?

Why do Aboriginal people choose to live on reserves?

Do they pay taxes? Do they get free post secondary education?

What are Treaties?

Why are Aboriginal people on the lowest end of all social and economic indicators?

Do Aboriginal people have special rights the rest of us don’t get to enjoy?

A general awareness session will provide an overview of Aboriginal history from the time of European contact to modern day Canada. Key historical documents will be discussed from: the early Treaties; the Royal Proclamation; the Indian Act and Residential Schools; to modern day Treaties; Canada’s Constitution and the Duty to Consult. The significance of these as well as recent court cases will be examined as they relate to Alberta and NE British Columbia in particular. We will also discuss what it is like to live on Reserve today; the achievements reached and the challenges still facing our Aboriginal communities.

This knowledge is the foundation to success in both business and in forging partnerships. Center of the Sky awareness sessions can be tailored to your needs; for example, treaty area specific or regional specific information can be included. Culturally specific sessions will include different protocols and customs, different world views, and offer ideas to overcome common communication issues.

Center of the Sky can also provide speakers with first hand knowledge of the Residential School system and the impact those experiences have on our people to this day.

The intention of the sessions is to provide insight about the past and how to adopt this knowledge when dealing with people both in business and in your own life journey going forward.


“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi