With warmth, humour and a wealth of experience, Bee and her team bring the history of Canada and Indigenous people to life. Center of the Sky will adapt sessions to meet client’s needs. Bee has presented sessions to students of all ages, to corporations of all sizes, and to Indigenous communities. Bee and her team can provide first hand insight and expertise from a Dene, a Blackfoot, a Cree, and a Metis perspective. Learning becomes effortless with storytelling, presenting facts and sharing images from Canada’s rich and stirring history.

Center of the Sky can customize sessions to include specific cultures and experiences. We can also provide speakers with first hand knowledge of the Residential School system and the impact those experiences have on our country to this day.

At Center of the Sky, we believe it is powerful to set a clear intention: the purpose of our sessions is to provide insight about the past and how to incorporate this knowledge when working with people. Respectful working relationships are essential both in personal life as well as in business. Bee has a natural talent for bringing people together from all walks of life, and creating a space where the human experience can be shared.

Bee Schadeck as a child

“Understanding creates change and demolishes fear.” -Bee Calliou Schadeck