An Indigenous Awareness Session.

A Center of the Sky session will take you on a journey from pre-European contact with First Nations to present day. People often wonder why Indigenous people are often found on the lowest end of all social and economic indicators. Many Canadians have never heard of the Residential School system or why it was implemented. We often do not have a full understanding of what Treaties are, why they are in place, or why all of us as Canadians are required to respect Inherent and Treaty rights. Participants in a half or full day Center of the Sky session will gain an understanding of why things are the way they are today. Bee also offers short sessions (one hour or more) to fit with tight time constraints. 

Center of the Sky presents sessions to employees of the oil and gas industry but she has also spoken to teachers and at schools, to students as young as elementary school age.

At Center of the Sky, we believe that the way to overcome barriers is to connect the head with the heart. Bee accomplishes this with facts, utilizing power point and videos, as well as with personal experiences and humor. Bee can also invite a residential school survivor to share their story with the group. This brings the experience directly to the heart of every participant. The information provided in our sessions will help you understand how important having this knowledge is to build trust and relationships with Indigenous people.

Bee creates a safe space where difficult topics can be discussed. She encourages participation utilizing a talking stick, and participants often say they felt deeply connected to the experience.



“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi