The greatest compliment we can receive about our services is by clients expressing that we have created a positive experience and impact.  Here is what some of our clients from corporations, schools and government are saying about our seminars.

“Mme Schadeck was inspirational and she presented with enthusiasm, passion, emotion and an amazing sense of humour. Her story telling approach to her presentation drew the students in and provided them with a great learning experience. She is a very warm person and her presentation was very personal with great atmosphere and with her perspective it was easy to relate to her and her story.

The presentation format was interesting (visual aids, props, Powerpoint, etc..), she used concrete examples with good detail. The information was clear and easy to understand. Mme Schadeck is very knowledgeable and her presentation had a very positive impact on the students. She addressed the Indigenous stereotypes and opened our eyes on the issues surrounding the modern day Indigenous.“

Mme Fleur Larocque, Branton Junior High

“I have twice attended Indigenous cultural awareness courses led by Bee Calliou Schadeck and supported by Doreen Healy. Bee brings deep knowledge plus a personal account to the subject matter. Her respectful and caring style readily engages all participants to create a comfortable, open setting to learn and share. As well, Doreen’s personal account of Residential Schools is wrenching, and deeply impacted me and other participants. These sessions are a solid cultural, historical, and legal lesson – and much more. For me, the session created a new understanding about Canada’s indigenous people and an appreciation how they are woven into our Canadian heritage and that their rights and interests will be intertwined with the country’s future.“

Lloyd Visser, Vice-President, Environment & Sustainable Development

“Thank you for the wonderful Indigenous Awareness session; it was an extremely enjoyable experience. It was so impressive how you wove your personal experiences and stories into the presentation. In this manner you were able to let us experience Indigenous culture first hand and in a different light. It was a true gift.

A lot of the information was covered, in a very short time and you did a wonderful job of delivering that information in a sensitive, funny, entertaining and relevant way.

Thank you for being so receptive and honest. The ERCB Chairman and Board felt truly engaged as you could tell with their questions and participation.“

“Good Hunting“

Tom McGee, ERCB, Stakeholder Engagement Office

“I want you to know what a remarkable impact you had on our staff. For the majority of people around the table your stories were heard for the first time. The message of love and the need for continuing to understand one another through conversation and shared experiences was powerful. There is a new closeness among the staff following the morning - a new awareness that we need to continually question our assumptions and listen with intentionality to the stories of others. I think the impact of history on today is just beginning to be understood by the staff here.“

Sharon Nichols, Education Director

“Dear Bee,
Where do we begin…? In a nutshell, you have made a lasting impression on 30 powerful minds that set themselves to the task of making a difference. Your presentation was the highlight of our conference and I believe you may have planted a seed. On behalf of everyone, thank you for the education and sharing your story. It was so much appreciated and impacted our lives…it was ``meant to Bee.“

Fiona, Inside Education Society of Alberta

“Thank you for sharing your story with us, it was very informative and very touching. My mother was a residential school (survivor) also and it brought tears to my eyes... When you were done with your presentation, I got on the phone with my mom and told her “I’m calling to say I love you… and thank you for teaching me to be the strong woman I am today.” And thank you again.“

Student - Anonymous

“Bee is truly one of the most amazing people I've ever met. She's intuitive, articulate and thoughtful. She touches the lives of everyone she meets, and has an authentic ability to connect with people, and build meaningful relationships.“

Paula Kupchak Hall

“In a school district there are a number of professional development opportunities but there are few that are more impart than this one. It provides a necessary history lesson which all Canadians should take part in. No one can move forward without the lessons of the past.“

Dennis Parsons, Superintendent of Schools, Fort McMurray Public School Division

“Thank you for giving a great presentation. It made me understand more about the history of our treaty rights and how it became. After seeing how some Indigenous still live in poverty, (which is sad to see), it made me think that I am grateful with what I have in my life. I just want to say “Hiy, Hiy!“

Student - Anonymous

Indigenous Awareness Session, Jan 2015 - 1 day
Thank you Bee, Andrea and Doreen for sharing your stories with us. Bee, I also enjoyed your humor. I have become so much more aware of the history of the Indigenous People in Alberta and Canada. Doreen, thank you for sharing your experience with living in a Residential School and the affect that had on future generations. Andrea, you are an amazing speaker - thank you for sharing your stories. I will be sharing my learning with my family and friends. Everyone in Alberta and Canada should take this one day awareness session. All schools should offer this training. I highly recommend the awareness session.

Thank you for your important work and story telling.

Hugs to you all!

Anna - Senior Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Lead

I just wanted to say thank you again for your presentation today. I am not sure that I can express how profound your words were. Although I always strive to do the right thing, treat others the way I want to be treated, I found myself realizing throughout your talk that there were times when I did not speak up to correct others who do not. Thank you for making me realize that not speaking is just as bad if not worse than if I would have said it myself and recognizing it so that I make the change.

Thank you for giving us insight that not everything is as it seems you do not know their story - and to take the time to learn and form your own judgments.

I hope you continue to spread your message for many years to come and other get to hear your incredible stories.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Shauna Madsen Accommodation Coordinator Accommodations & Aviation Services, Facilities

I attended Bee's training and in 2 hours she absolutely changed my life and heart! Being from Lethbridge and having NO knowledge of residential schools or our Canadian history was embarrassing. I was ashamed of my feelings and thoughts towards Indigenous people that I went to school with and during my whole life. I now have a different heart, understanding and compassion for Indigenous people and hope that I can make a difference by sharing what I learned from Bee. She is inspiring, caring, funny, thoughtful, warm, loving and someone who has truly left an imprint on my life. I admire her positive outlook on life with love and understanding and her desire to have all Canadians understand our history.

Brenda - Black Diamond Group

I’m a pretty old guy and I’ve taken a fair bit of training… the Indigenous Awareness session held today in Edmonton was outstanding and I believe it should be core training for AER staff – especially those considering impact to affected rights holders and cumulative effects of industrial development.

The presentations were led by Bee and Andrea Schadeck – Bee having worked for industry over many years, and Andrea an RCMP officer.

Together they provided the answers to “why” for the indigenous condition in Canada, and simply asked for empathy.

This was a well-attended event, with around 20 staff. Everyone was transfixed for the entire day. Highly recommended.

Gerald Feschuk, P.Eng. - Senior Engineering & Technical Advisor

Wow, thank you for this arranging this incredible training experience with Bee.

I understand so much more now.

Bee is so authentic and a wonderful storyteller that from the first moment was able to draw us in and capture our hearts and minds. I also appreciated her tone and delivery, with her mix of cultural references, visuals, facts and stories – and of course her humor.

What an incredibly meaningful and impactful two hours. Every BD employee, and every Canadian needs to take part in one of these sessions!

Elaine Mazurick, MAPC - General Manager Marketing & Communications