Aboriginal Awareness Session at Northland School

Bee Schadeck provides a session for students and teachers at Northland School.

Below is what Northland School representatives said of the session:

Another impactful session was performed by Center of the Sky Founder Bee Calliou. Bee provided valuable information about historical relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and how it impacted the Royal Proclamation, the Canadian Constitution, the creation of treaties and residential schools. Ravindra Somwaru, who is teaching at Kateri School in Trout Lake this year, says the orientation was an eye-opening experience.

Bee Schadeck Northland School
Maureen Chernipeski, Bee Schadeck & Randy Chernipeski

The orientation was very informative, engaging and enlightening,” said Somwaru. “It provided invaluable information about the protocols in the community, First Nations’ culture and an opportunity to learn from people who have a wealth of knowledge and experience working within the communities.”